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With close to a million people calling the greater Tulsa area home and a few of the nation’s most prominent casinos right in its backyard elsewhere in Tulsa County, this northeast Oklahoma county has a ton going for it in terms of eventually offering sports betting for Oklahoma residents and visitors. However, the Sooner State’s laws do not currently allow for there to be any legal Tulsa sportsbooks at this time, though some early indications coming from the state legislature seem to hint that a greater possibility now exists that sports wagering could be legalized than has been on the table in decades. This probable development is especially timely as the US Supreme Court has, as recently as May of 2018, decided to rule in favor of overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), declaring the anti-sports betting expansion law unconstitutional (just like we all knew it was for more than a quarter of a century).

Several other states around the country have already taken aggressive or at least proactive steps toward legalizing sports wagering in the wake of the highest court in the land’s decision vis a vis the fate of PASPA. While it does not appear that Oklahoma’s state legislature is making moves in that direction as of this writing (per se), it does look at least look like there is enough political will in the Sooner State to address the issue at an upcoming legislative session. The hope is that an amendment to existing state law could allow Class III gambling license holders – all of which are the highly successful Native American tribal casino owners – to start offering sportsbooks in Tulsa and elsewhere in the state.

In the meantime, it is legally possible to access regulated, licensed sportsbooks in Tulsa, although you should be aware by now that none of them are actually physically located anywhere in the Sooner State, as that would not be allowed under the current state laws as such. All the best Tulsa sportsbooks are in actuality based exclusively online and out of foreign countries to boot. There is no need to worry about them being legitimate businesses or not because whether you choose to go with Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, MyBookie or all of them, you can count on these sites being 100 percent legal, regulated and licensed by their home nations’ strict gaming control authorities.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Tulsa?

Before we get too far into our discussion of the top sportsbooks in Tulsa, OK, and the surrounding areas, we ought to clear the air on what is probably the most frequently asked question we come across when talking about sports betting for Oklahoma residents. Sports betting is not currently legal in Tulsa, nor is it legal to bet at sportsbooks based anywhere else in the state either. Oklahoma legislators – and more than just a few of them – from all sides of the political spectrum have indicated that the governing body is more than a little willing to take a stab at passing some gambling expansion reforms that could include sports betting in the relatively near term, and we here at Sports Betting Oklahoma certainly welcome that news.

Theoretically, all it would take for the Sooner State to affect the desired change with regard to creating a regulated (and taxable) sports betting market replete with Tulsa sportsbooks and similar outlets in other towns and cities across the state is to amend the current state laws, which would not even require a voter referendum as it would in some other neighboring states. That is good news in a sense, as the state of Oklahoma already has a terrific relationship with its various American Indian tribal organizations that have exclusive gambling rights in the state. It is easy to see how the state could, with just a token bit of support from the sports – and sport betting – enthusiasts in the public, bring the tribal organizations on board with comparative ease if it was demonstrated that there were customer demand and substantial financial gain to be had from offering sports betting outlets such as sportsbooks in Tulsa.

However, we should point out that, while opening and running a sportsbook inside the state lines of the Sooner State is not currently a legal activity, there is no law on the books in the state’s legal or criminal codes that penalizes or punishes individuals for placing wagers on anything, not just sports, if they use the internet to facilitate their wagering hobby. What this means in practical terms for those searching for legal sports betting for Oklahoma residents is that you can legally visit offshore sportsbook sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie any time that you wish to do so and place bets on sports at any of those sites with utter confidence. At any rate, according to the information gleaned from our extensive research on this subject, we could not identify even a single instance of someone being arrested – much less charged and convicted – for the sole reason that they had used the internet to place wagers on the outcome of a sporting event.

Mobile Tulsa Sportsbooks

As we have previously said, online offshore sportsbooks are 100% legal while you are in Tulsa. That means that you will have no issue using your mobile device you place your bets while you are here as well. Mobile betting allows you to carry the sports betting action with you no matter where you go in Tulsa. To get started, all you need to do is use your mobile device and go on the internet to your online offshore sportsbook of choice. There, you will be redirected to the mobile version of that sportsbook. Using the mobile version is just as easy as using the desktop site. You can place your bets on all your favorite teams from Oklahoma while you are here, and the action goes with you no matter where you go. You might even get some bonuses from the sportsbook for using the mobile site. Mobile Tulsa is available for you and we suggest you give it a shot when you are out and about in the city.

Legal Minimum Age To Bet At Sportsbooks In Tulsa

Although it is true that there are not any sportsbooks in Tulsa, OK, at this time, it is worth pointing out that we can – through just a little common sense – arrive at what must surely be the most likely legal minimum age to bet at sportsbooks in Tulsa and in the surrounding areas, and indeed the entire state. It should also be noted that our hypothesis that players would need to be 21 and older presupposes that sportsbooks in Tulsa and in other cities around the state of Oklahoma will indeed actually one day come to be through the means of a change to the state laws that would legalize and regulate sports betting. However, we are 95 percent confident that 21 would be the barest minimum legal age to gamble on sports in Oklahoma for the simple reason that almost every US state (in fact all of them except for Rhode Island), adheres to the tried and true, time tested “21 and up rule” for betting at casinos, playing slot machines and, yes, betting on sports as well.

While we cannot conceive of any good reason, truth be told, why a historically deeply conservative state such as Oklahoma would stray too far from establishing 21 as the minimum age to place bets on sports, we are not so naïve as to assume that every single individual Oklahoma resident has the same ideological beliefs about when is the appropriate age to begin betting. If you are one of those folks, then we suggest you check out legal offshore sportsbooks in Tulsa like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie, all of which are not bound by gambling laws as strict as the ones likely to be imposed on the Sooner State and other US state for that matter. In fact, all our most trusted internet only overseas-based sports betting shops will accept players as young as 18 years of age with no trouble whatsoever, meaning that if you are 18 or older you can already be placing wagers on your favorite teams, leagues, athletes and more at these reputable, trusted online sportsbooks operations.

Best Tulsa Sportsbooks

Although it really ought to be abundantly clear to all our readers here at Sports Betting Oklahoma by this point, all the best Tulsa sportsbooks are not actually located in Tulsa or anywhere else in the Sooner State for that matter. In point of fact, all of Tulsa’s best sportsbooks are accessed exclusively via the internet and go by the names Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie. These sites are the only ones in the rapidly growing and dynamic subsection of the online gambling marketplace that meet our exacting standards for fairness, reliability, long term reputability, security and, of course, the best selection of good betting odds, which all of our top-rated picks achieve with flying colors.

However, we would be remiss if we did not at least mention and more properly discuss in greater detail some of the astoundingly good casino properties in the Tulsa area that could, if the laws were changed to allow it, become some of the best sportsbooks in Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond. All the casinos we chose to cover in our preview of the top locals’ favorite sportsbooks are located within a relatively short drive of Tulsa or are inside Tulsa County proper, which means that if the laws were indeed changed to allow for sportsbooks in Tulsa, these casinos would be on the fast track to filling the niche for legal sports betting outlets. Read on to see our hot takes on why these elite casinos could become (hopefully not long from now) the best sportsbooks in Tulsa for sports betting in Oklahoma.

River Spirit Casino Tulsa

River Spirit Casino Tulsa

  • River Spirit Casino
  • http://www.riverspirittulsa.com/
  • Type: Native American tribal land based casino and resort
  • Address: 8330 South Riverside Drive, Tulsa, OK 74137
  • First Opened: 2006, major renovation in 2016
  • Number of Rooms: 483 guest rooms, junior suites and VIP suites
  • Total Gaming Space: 200,000 square feet (approximately 2,600 electronic gaming machines – video poker, slot machines, roulette, craps, black jack, baccarat, keno, spinnette, etc.) 23 games tables, high limits rooms, 15 poker tables
  • Gaming Age: 21
  • Top Attractions: Event center at River Spirit, Paradise Cove - featuring live concerts, 2,500 seat concert venue, guests must be 21 and older to attend, Live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar, Margaritaville
  • Best Restaurants: Johnny Rockets - World-famous hamburgers & shakes. Open 11AM-11PM, Scoreboard Sports Bar - Open 10AM - 12:30AM, Visions Buffet - Largest casino buffet in Oklahoma, Fireside Grill - 11AM - 1AM Daily, Casual Dining, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Restaurant, 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar, Landshark Bar & Grill
  • Owner: Creek Nation of Oklahoma
  • Phone Number: (918) 299-8518

As one of the nine casinos owned and operated by the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma, the River Spirit Casino Tulsa has essentially made a case for itself as the one that stands on top of the pile. More accurately, you could even say that the River Spirit towers over its sister casino properties and the competition alike, as its prominent hotel stands 26 stories over the Arkansas River, while its 30,000 square feet worth of convention space brings in thousands of business functionaries every year, its prominent day spa makes it a local staple for the well-heeled ladies of Tulsa and so on. That does not even touch on the overwhelming huge 200,000 square foot gambling space on the main floor of the River Spirit’s primary casino, which opened in 2006 and as recently as 2016 underwent a massive renovation project.

Indeed, as big as it is, another 50,000 square foot casino can actually be found inside of the River Spirit – the Margaritaville Casino with 850 electronic gaming machines and 27 live poker and table games as well included in its 1.2 million square feet. The total cost of the project for the tribe came in at an estimated $365 million to pull off, reportedly. Whatever the cost may have actually been, the result is worth it: the River Spirit is legitimately good enough that you could almost literally pick the casino up and drop it down anywhere in the world and it would compete – and likely win in that competition too. So what is the final masterstroke that would make this one of the nation’s preeminent casinos? It needs to become one of the biggest and best Tulsa sportsbooks, that’s what.

The New Osage Casino And Hotel In Downtown Tulsa

The New Osage Casino And Hotel In Downtown Tulsa

  • The New Osage Casino And Hotel
  • https://www.osagecasinos.com/tulsa/
  • Type: Native American tribal land based casino and resort
  • Address: 951 West 36th Street North Tulsa, OK 74127
  • First Opened: 2005
  • Number of Rooms: 132 guest rooms, junior suites and VIP suites
  • Total Gaming Space: 247,000 square feet (approximately 1,000 electronic gaming machines – video poker, slot machines, roulette, craps, black jack, baccarat, keno, spinnette, etc.) 20 games tables, high limits rooms, 8 poker tables
  • Gaming Age: 21
  • Top Attractions: 4,600 square foot event center and concert venue, guests must be 18 and older to attend, on site brewery with locally brewed beers
  • Best Restaurants: Osage Casino Deli, Che Buono! – Italian restaurant
  • Owner: Osage Nation of Oklahoma
  • Phone Number: (918) 699-7614

After being established and first opening its doors in 2005, the Osage Nation of Oklahoma broke ground on the first phase a new expansion plan conservatively estimated to be valued at $500 million in total. If that does not give you some indication as to why we think the New Osage Casino and Hotel in Downtown Tulsa has what it takes to become one of if not the absolute best sportsbooks in Tulsa then we are not sure what it will take to convince you. The casino proper has the biggest total gaming space in the region by far, clocking in at 247,000 square feet and thousands of gaming stations split between all the favorites from slot machines to high limit poker rooms, and even some non smoking rooms to meet the demands of a wide customer base. The renovation project also includes a new hotel construction that adds 132 rooms and VIP suites to the mix – enough room to accommodate up to 240 guests.

The New Osage Casino’s appeal is not, however, limited strictly to the various gambling activities that you can enjoy if you decide to pay a visit to the huge facility. There are only a few restaurants, oddly enough, so you may want to save your appetite and eat elsewhere, but there is a monstrously big indoor concert venue that regularly attracts leading national performing artists and comedic acts; heck, there is even a micro brewery located on site brewing up the freshest local beers for you to sample. Once the Osage Casino’s renovation project is completed, we look for this fine, elite tier casino property to go from strength to strength in the local and regional marketplace. Perhaps the finishing touch would be the addition of one of the first Tulsa sportsbooks to allow betting on the Oklahoma Sooners if the law will allow for it.

Hard Rock Casino Tulsa

The New Osage Casino And Hotel In Downtown Tulsa

  • Hard Rock Casino
  • https://www.hardrockcasinotulsa.com/
  • Type: Native American tribal land based casino and resort
  • Address: 777 West Cherokee Street, Catoosa, OK 74015
  • First Opened: 1998
  • Number of Rooms: 454 rooms – 3 hotel towers, all hotel rooms and suites are strictly non smoking
  • Total Gaming Space: 147,000 square feet (approximately 2,600 electronic gaming machines – video poker, slot machines, roulette, craps, black jack, baccarat, keno, spinnette, etc.) 40 games tables, high limits rooms available, no smoking area available – 500 gaming machine, 15 table games, poker room
  • Gaming Age: 21
  • Top Attractions: The Joint – 45,000 square foot entertainment venue with amphitheater seating, Riffs music club – opens daily at 4 p.m., Center Bar – 80 foot long bar, Cabin Creek – country music nightclub, Replay – sports media bar with 57 high definition televisions, Cherokee Hills Golf Club
  • Best Restaurants: Hard Rock Casino Buffet, Hwy 66 Diner, McGill’s on 19, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, Perfect Cup coffee, Food Court (Slice – pizza, Salsa – Mexican food items, Flipside – American grill)
  • Owner: Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
  • Phone Number: (918) 699-7614

What started out as a bingo hall roughly two decades ago is now one of the most expansive and classiest casino resorts in the state of Oklahoma and well beyond the borders of the Sooner State. The Hard Rock Casino Tulsa, owned and operated by the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, is located just 15 minutes or so east of downtown Tulsa, so this is not a bad drive by any means for visitors from the big city looking to get outside of the hustle and bustle and get in on the gambling action at the sprawling 147,000 square feet of gaming space. But that is not all the Hard Rock Casino Tulsa has to offer, not be a long shot: guests are no doubt sure to appreciate the wide selection of restaurants, bars, and clubs as much as they are sure to be impressed by the casinos’ accompanying massive event venue, PGA Tour-caliber Cherokee Hills Golf Club and the three-towered luxury hotel.

While it may be hard for folks from outside the state to understand, Oklahoma residents can attest to the fact that the Hard Rock is not the biggest casino property in the Tulsa area in terms of outright size, but it is difficult to doubt that this preeminent nationwide chain of hotels and casinos gets the little things right in so many ways that it could be seen as a rare instance of being “more than a sum of its parts” is actually true. Simply put, whether you are looking for one of the places that would make one of the best sportsbooks in Tulsa or you are just on the market for a fun evening out with thousands of your closest friends, the Hard Rock Casino Tulsa is one of those places where you are made to feel truly special.