Oklahoma Sports Betting Bill Tracker

Oklahoma Sports Betting Bill TrackerIn the race for states to pass sports gambling legislation, legal Oklahoma sports betting sits somewhere in the middle. State legislators have certainly started to consider the benefits that regulated sports wagering market could bring to OK. The state is home to 127 tribal and commercial casinos, bringing in total tax revenue of $49,055,260. Let’s compare this to Nevada, which is the only state permitted to offer single-game wagering. The total tax revenue is $7,856,194,594 across 273 casinos. Oklahoma and other states realize that regulated sports betting could introduce an entirely new revenue stream. Policymakers in the state are working to make land-based sportsbooks a reality in the Sooner State.

Thus far, there has been opposition in regards to getting sports betting bills passed. Several laws have been introduced, only to later have all sports wagering language amended out. Though there is no deadline on when the state has to enact laws, the six states and counting offering legal sports betting may push OK officials toward regulation. Legal Oklahoma sports betting seems to be on its way, it is just a matter of when.

You can keep track of all the latest legislative action with our Oklahoma sports betting bill tracker below:

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Current Oklahoma Sports Betting Bills

HB 3375

Sponsor: Kevin Wallace (R-Majority)

Summary: Originally would expand state-tribal gaming to include non-house banked table games such as dice, roulette wheels, and sports pools. Was later amended to remove the legalization of sports pools.

Excerpt: “An Act relating to amusements and sports; amending 3A O.S. 2011, Section 262, as amended by Section 1, Chapter 115, O.S.L. 2017 (3A O.S. Supp. 2017, Section 262), which relates to state-tribal gaming; eliminating prohibition on certain types of gaming; prohibiting certain types of gaming…”


  • 04/10/18 – Approved by Governor
  • 03/29/18 - (S) Reported Do Pass Business, Commerce and Tourism Committee; Referred to Appropriations
  • 03/12/18 - (H) Engrossed, signed, to Senate
  • 03/08/18 - (H) Amended; Third Reading, Measure and Emergency passed: Ayes: 68 Nays: 22
  • 02/27/18 - (H) CR; Do Pass, amended by committee substitute Appropriations and Budget Committee
  • 02/06/18 - (H) Second Reading referred to Appropriations and Budget
  • 02/05/18 - (H) First reading

SB 1195

Sponsor(s): Greg McCortney (R- Majority)

Summary: Modifies the State-Tribal Gaming Act to permit ball and dice. Initially would have legalized sports pools, but the bill was amended to withdraw the language.

Excerpt: “The State-Tribal Gaming Act is game-specific and shall not be construed to allow the operation of any other form of gaming unless specifically allowed by this act the State-Tribal Gaming Act.”


  • 03/21/18 - (H) Second Reading referred to Appropriations and Budget
  • 03/15/18 - (S) Engrossed to House; First Reading
  • 03/14/18 - (S) Measure passed: Ayes: 30 Nays: 16; Referred for engrossment
  • 03/01/18 - (S) Reported Do Pass as amended Appropriations committee; CR filed
  • 02/27/18 - (S) Reported Do Pass as amended Business, Commerce and Tourism committee; CR filed
  • 02/05/18 - (S) First reading

OK SB 857

Sponsor: Kim David (R - Majority)

Summary: Draft related to public finance. An amendment was filed to include language that would permit the Governor to discuss changes to tribal compacts to allow sports wagering. The suggested amendment was not adopted.

Excerpt: “An Act relating to public finance; amending 62 O.S. 2011, Section 34.67, as amended by Section 390, Chapter 304, O.S.L. 2012 (62 O.S. Supp. 2016, Section 34.67), which relates to claims and payrolls; specifying certain duty of Director of Office of Management and Enterprise Services; providing an effective date; and declaring an emergency.”


  • 05/09/17 - (S) Second Reading referred to Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget
  • 05/08/17 - (S) First Reading

Is NFL Betting Legal In Oklahoma?

NFL LogoNFL betting is 100% legal in Oklahoma. In fact, betting on NFL games is the most popular way to wager on sports in the entire state. And why wouldn’t it be? NFL games are some of the most-watched games in the entire country and people love throwing down money on football games. Whether you are betting on the spread or making a future bet on who you think will be the next Super Bowl champions, there are multiple ways to bet on NFL games. Bet on the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and even the Miami Dolphins at sportsbooks in Oklahoma.

Current NFL Odds

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Oklahoma Sports Betting FAQs

When Will Sports Betting Be Legal In Oklahoma?

At the moment, your guess is as good as ours. As of this writing, there are no bills being considered by Oklahoma’s Congress that will legalize and regulate sports betting. The above bills did not legalize sports betting, so the effort to has stalled right now. But that doesn’t mean that you should lose hope. As we have shown above, lawmakers are interested in legalizing sports betting in Oklahoma. As more states around the country begin opening sportsbooks, Oklahoma lawmakers are going to want to get into the action as well. We believe that sports betting will be legalized by the 2020 NFL season at the latest.

What Is The Legal Sports Betting Age In Oklahoma?

We think it is pretty safe to say that the sports betting age in Oklahoma is going to be 18. Although there are some casinos in the state make you wait until you are 21, making the legal age 18. might make things easier for lawmakers to legalize sports betting. They probably do not go through the issue of having multiple starting ages because there are some casinos that make you wait until you are 21. Either way, it is most likely going to be 18 or 21 so just keep a lookout for what lawmakers are saying.

What Sports Can I Bet On In Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, there are many different sports and hometown teams that are competitive throughout their respective season. Not just football, but you have basketball, soccer, hockey, and auto racing as a few sports that you can place your money on in Oklahoma. Here you can wager on any sport also including boxing, MMA, Horse racing and even smaller sports like track and field also have betting options. The great thing is there will be different betting lines and that will be huge for all players across Oklahoma, whether they bet on the Sooners or the Cowboys.